Types of Users

Profiles falling in below groups are recommended to have cloud solutions:

Mobile workers – Those who frequently use smartphones/iPads & laptops and rarely sit in office/work premises.

Shop floor workers – Those who required emails and instant messaging but cannot use any desktop unit.

Remote workers – Travelling staffs may not require full access to the infrastructure but do need access basic tools like emails, messengers etc.

Common Challenges

Here are the key challenges in migrating hybrid licensing:

Incorrect licensing

Value for money across licensing types

Integrating the costs with payment schedules

Understanding the terms, conditions and entitlements attached to on-premise licensing when making a decision on Cloud


Azure allows you to stay ahead among your competitors and manage a large number of projects at a time without any hassle. It supports a huge range of devices, frameworks database and tools which allows working even faster. It also gives you an assurance of your data security and privacy.


“Hybrid cloud enhanced Evoke’s performance and capabilities”

Raghu Addanki, Director IT at Evoke Technologies Private Limited


Virtualized Environment Helps Manage
Complex IT

Vikas Bhonsle, CEO Crayon


Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner Summit with Crayon draws massive interest

Ravi Garg, Director Hosting & Cloud Services


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