Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Revolutionizing nations industries & businesses

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can comprehend, learn, adapt, and apply knowledge across diverse tasks, matching or surpassing human proficiency. AGI could augment human efforts by creating autonomous systems, potentially excelling at the most economically valuable tasks.

While AGI is still emerging, prominent nascent examples include autonomous vehicles, machines, language models (like GPT-4, LAMDA), chatbots (such as ChatGPT, Bard), drones, and robots. These intelligent machines, or "digital workers," could race and collaborate with humans.

Dataquest is organising AMA series, where in the industry experts will share their insights on the changing technology landscape and its impact.

Who Should Attend

  • CEO, MD's, Chairman, Founders
  • IT heads, IT influencers, Academia’s
  • Leading IT experts from the start-ups
Srikanth Doranadula
Vice President Hybrid Cloud Systems Sales – India, Oracle
Sr Manager, Systems Solution Engineering, Oracle
Laxmi Narayan Yadav
Principal Solution Engineer, Systems, Oracle
Karthik Thirunarayanan
Master Principal Solution Engineer Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle
Pankaj Kumar
Head IT (AGM - IT), Delhi State Cooperative Bank
Sunil Rajguru
Editor, Dataquest & PCQuest

Dataquest organized a webinar on hybrid cloud solutions for cooperative banks.

“A few years ago, the banking industry had issues going to the cloud. Today, we are already living in the cloud world. Data moves through billions of data. Tech acceleration has now happened. Financial institutions and the government have now gone big. Banks have huge, sensitive, and dynamic data. The cooperative banks are all over the country. Cloud will allow them to scale up and compete in the new environment”, Sunil Rajguru, Editor, Dataquest, PCQuest, and CiOL said in his opening note and was the moderator.