Technology Vision: Life Sciences

Be it Doctor and Patient engagement or managing supply chain disruptions, technology has been the lifeline that sustained pharma companies through the pandemic. It also pushed a giant fast forward button to the future. As companies shift from reacting to the crisis, to reinventing what comes next, the boldest, most visionary leaders – those who use technology to master change – will define the future

Accenture Technology Vision 2021 on Life Sciences is the latest in our series of annual reports that predict the most significant technology trends that people will apply to disrupt pharma businesses over the next three years.

Key Highlights:

The Technology Vision will focus on five key trends that companies must address to capitalize on this moment of truth over next three years to lead in the post-pandemic world:

  • Stack Strategically: Architecting a Better Future
    How do I build and wield the most competitive technology stack
  • Mirrored World: The Power of Massive, Intelligent, Digital Twins
    How do we bring together data and intelligence to represent the physical world in a digital space to unlock new opportunities to operate, collaborate, and innovate
  • I, Technologist: The Democratization of Technology
    How can we make technology capabilities available to people across the business to make every employee an innovator
  • Anywhere, Everywhere: Bring Your Own Environment
    How do leaders develop strategies, addressing the security ramifications of remote work, necessary cultural shifts, and the evolving purpose of physical office space.
  • From Me to We: A Multiparty System’s Path Through Chaos
    How do we leverageMultiparty systems to help pharma businesses gain greater resilience and adaptability.

Who Should attend

  • IT Decision Makers
  • IT Influencers
Gyan Pandey
Global & Group CIO, Aurobindo Pharma
Anjani Kumar
CIO, Strides Pharma
Atanu Roy
Group CIO, Biocon Group
Ankur Aggarwal
Managing Director- Technology, Accenture in India
Anil Chopra
VP, Research & Consulting, CMR (Moderator)