Bringing Hybrid, blended classrooms to life

Technology is playing a vital role in transforming higher education, especially in the remote and hybrid learning scenario, which is here to stay.

With sophisticated technology, students could:

  • Better engage and collaborate better with the faculty
  • Access learning content and work on projects from anywhere

In addition, it could help keep confidential information of students, staff, and university secure while the content and tools are being operated remotely.

Hybrid and blended learning could be looked at as an opportunity for great efficiency and collaboration, widening the horizons for students, with the right technology and processes being in place as enablers.

Who should attend:

  • Deans & Vice Chancellors
  • Head of Departments
  • IT Heads of Institutions
Amit Pawar
Director Education Modern Workplace, Asia Microsoft
Nirav Rawell
Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft
Sunil Rajguru
Editor Dataquest PCQuest and CiOL

No backbenchers allowed here—It’s the Hybrid Classroom

Recall the last time you saw a classroom or learned something new? Chances are that you were way beyond the old-school (pun intended) way of learning. There must have been some form of technology sitting with you—and giving you flexibility, choice, accuracy, and contextualisation like never before.

Hybrid blended learning is now a reality. It is enabling teacher-and-student interactions, securing interactions, bringing in efficiency, and widening the horizons for students and enablers. And all this is going to get even more sci-fi-ish, exciting, and fun as we move ahead.