Smart and Secure hybrid education

As we embrace hybrid mode of learning which has opened up a plethora of opportunities for students and educators, it also comes with an additional need to ensure a secure infrastructure. It is quintessential to secure the content and devices that are accessed by teachers and students remotely. Security that also eases management and control while enabling automation & lowering the manual effort of your admin team could further elevate your hybrid learning setups.

The key attributes of a secure hybrid learning model are:

  • Ease of configuration & deployment
  • Mobile device management and mobile application management
  • Security of the data
  • Real-time

Who should attend:

  • Deans & Vice Chancellors
  • Head of Departments
  • IT Heads of Institutions
Amit Pawar
Director, Education, Modern Workplace, Microsoft
Shubham Dubey
Technical Architect, Microsoft
Siddharth Chawla
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Parimal Deshpande
VP Cloudstrats

Conversations about transforming education are not just about enriching learning and career-readiness but also about security, privacy, inclusivity, and engagement. That assures that many critical aspects are not relegated to footnotes but are etched as centre-points when one thinks of education transformation.

That’s necessary. Security has to be on the top of mind for everyone investing one’s time and money in hybrid learning. When we look at all the data being generated, the rich research work, the wealth of data about payments-faculty-students etc. – all that makes this area a rich target for malicious actors. The numbers and red flags around it remind us of that quite well.

In an immersive workshop on this topic, Sunil Rajguru, Editor, Dataquest, PCQuest & CiOL reminded everyone how cybersecurity was always on the backburner for even enterprises. “The importance is still not realised. How can then education institutions be alert and proactive about security?”