With the industry 4.0 and the new age technology revolution, it is very much evident for the businesses to maintain and secure their crucial data for smooth functioning.

IT experts, has humongous task in Infrastructure Security, as they must deals with the threats, risks, and challenges that are associated with the security of the organization’s IT infrastructure such as the host, network, and application levels. Besides the infrastructure security, it is more related to customers, as they have ramifications with threat, risk, and compliance management.

A secure cloud security architecture provides the written and visual model to define how to configure and secure activities and operations within the cloud, such as identity and access management; methods and controls to protect applications and data; approaches to gain and maintain visibility into compliance, threat posture, and overall security; processes for instilling security principles into cloud services development and operations; policies and governance to meet compliance standards; and physical infrastructure security components.

SaaS security architecture components should include application security, identity, and access management as well as a cloud access security broker to facilitate visibility, access controls and data protection using APIs, proxies, or gateways.

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Key Discussion Points

The role of Secure Access Service Edge in optimizing user experience

Strategies for achieving secure and efficient cloud and network infrastructure.

Best practices in implementing SASE solutions for enhanced performance and security.

Case studies and success stories highlighting the impact of SASE on user experience.




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