Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Becoming a Critical Source of Vendor Differentiation in Enterprise Storage.

As enterprise storage vendors focus on driving an improved customer experience across their entire installed bases, the use of cloud-based predictive analytics platforms is replacing traditional remote monitoring for support purposes. With the maturing of the all-flash array (AFA) market, the established market leaders in this space are turning their attention to other ways to differentiate themselves from their competition besides just product functionality. Consciously designing and driving a better customer experience (CX) is a strategy being pursued by many of these vendors.

This white paper defines cloud-based predictive analytics, discusses evolving storage requirements that are driving their rise, and takes a look at how these platforms are being used to drive incremental value for customers in the areas of performance, availability, management, recovery, and IT infrastructure planning. It then examines HPE's InfoSight cloud-based predictive analytics platform, highlighting how HPE is driving value for its customers with this AI/MLdriven platform.

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